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"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill
American born Napoleon Hill is considered to have influenced more people
into success than any other person in history. He has been perhaps the most
influential man in the area of personal success technique development, primarily
through his classic book Think and Grow Rich which has helped million of the
people and has been important in the life of many successful people such as W.
Clement Stone and Og Mandino.
Napoleon Hill was born into poverty in 1883 in a one-room cabin on the Pound
River in Wise County, Virginia. At the age of 10 his mother died, and two years
later his father remarried. He became a very rebellious boy, but grew up to be an
incredible man. He began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for
small town newspapers and went on to become America's most beloved
motivational author. Fighting against all class of great disadvantages and
pressures, he dedicated more than 25 years of his life to define the reasons by
which so many people fail to achieve true financial success and happiness in their
During this time he achieved great success as an attorney and journalist. His
early career as a reporter helped finance his way through law school. He was
given an assignment to write a series of success stories of famous men, and his
big break came when he was asked to interview steel-magnate Andrew Carnegie.
Mr. Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview over 500 millionaires to find a
success formula that could be used by the average person. These included Thomas
Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Elmer Gates, Charles M. Schwab,
Theodore Roosevelt, William Wrigley Jr, John Wanamaker, WIlliam Jennings
Bryan, George Eastman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, John D. Rockefeller,
F. W. Woolworth, Jennings Randolph, among others.
He became an advisor to Andrew Carnegie, and with Carnegie's help he
formulated a philosophy of success, drawing on the thoughts and experience of a
multitude of rags-to-riches tycoons. It took Hill over 20 years to produce his
book, a classic in the Personal Development field called Think and Grow Rich.
This book has sold over 7 million copies and has helped thousands achieve

The secret to success is very simple but you'll have to read the book to find out

what it is!
Napoleon Hill passed away in November 1970 after a long and successful
career writing, teaching, and lecturing about the principles of...
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