Valuing EmployeeStock Options

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Valuing Employee

Stock Options

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Valuing Employee

Stock Options

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Black-Scholes model and,
in case study applying FAS 123,
136, 137–138
inputs and, 120–121
Monte Carlo simulation and,
59–60, 79–80
use of, 14
Risk-neutral probability, 19, 87,
Sample case study, see Case study
applying FAS 123
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, 4
Scholes, Myron, 8, 51
Simulation, see Monte Carlo
Soft option approach to
marketability discount, 42
Software, Employee Stock Options
Valuation, 158–165
auditing templates and
spreadsheets, 164–165
ESO Functions, 161–164
ESO Toolkit, 158–161
Spider chart, 23–25
Spot rates, 120, 136
Stepping time, 88–89, 100. See also
Stock price:
in case study applying FAS 123,
dividend policy changes and,
as input, 119–120
volatility and, 121–125
Stock price barriers, 8, 20–21,
Strike price, 97
in case study applying FAS 123,
as input, 119–120

Suboptimal exercise behavior, 22,
26–28, 108–109
binomial lattices, 23–25
binomial lattices, technical
justification, 26–28
Black-Scholes model and, 6
in case study applying FAS 123,
as input, 126–127
Monte Carlo simulation and,
nonmarketability discount and,
42, 45
Tables, of options valuation results,
thirty-five percent volatility and
three-year maturity, 171–178
thirty-five percent volatility and
five-year maturity, 187–198
thirty-five percent volatility and
seven-year maturity, 211–226
thirty-five percent volatility and
ten-year maturity, 243–266
seventy percent volatility and
three-year maturity, 179–186
seventy percent volatility and fiveyear maturity, 199–210
seventy percent volatility and
seven-year maturity, 227–242
seventy percent volatility and...
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