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Cocos2d-x by Example
Beginner's Guide
Make fun games for any platform using C++, combined
with one of the most popular open source frameworks
in the world

Roger Engelbert


Cocos2d-x by Example Beginner's Guide
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Roger Engelbert
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About the Author
Roger Engelbert is a game developer with over ten years of experience in developing
online games. He grew up surrounded by video games and thinks of classic, 8-bit arcade
titles as a form of art. He is the author behind the blog Done With Computers, which is
chock-full of tutorials on game development and design. Roger sincerely hopes to soon
live in a world where people of all ages will be given the knowledge and opportunity to
experience the joy of building their own games.
I would like to thank the people from Packt Publishing who helped me
through the process of writing this book. And above all, my family, who
lovingly accep...
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