Engineering Polymers - Part and mold design - THERMOPLASTICS

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Engineering Polymers

Part and Mold Design

A Design Guide


A product of the Bayer Design
Engineering Services Group, this manual
is primarily intended as a reference
source for part designers and molding
engineers working with Bayer thermoplastic resins. The table of contents and
index were carefully constructed to
guide you quickly to the information
you need either by topic or by keyword.
The content was also organized to allow
the manual to function as an educational
text for anyone just entering the field of
plastic-part manufacturing. Concepts
and terminology are introduced progressively for logical cover-to-cover

The manual focuses primarily on
plastic part and mold design, but also
includes chapters on the design process;
designing for assembly; machining and
finishing; and painting, plating, and
decorating. For the most part, it excludes
information covered in the following
Bayer companion publications:
Material Selection: Thermoplastics and
Polyurethanes: A comprehensive look at
material testing and the issues to consider
when selecting a plastic material.
Joining Techniques: Includes information and guidelines on the methods
for joining plastics including mechanical
fasteners, welding techniques, inserts,
snap fits, and solvent and adhesive
Snap-Fit Joints for Plastics: Contains
the engineering formulas and worked
examples showing how to design snapfit joints for Bayer thermoplastic resins.

Contact your Bayer sales representative
This publication was written to assist
Bayer's customers in the design and
for copies of these publications.
manufacture of products made from
the Bayer line of thermoplastic
This publication was written specifically
engineering resins. These resins
to assist our customers in the design and
manufacture of products made from the
- Makrolon® polycarbonate
Bayer line of thermoplastic engineering
- Apec® high-heat polycarbonate
resins. These resins include:
- Bayblend® polycarbonate/ABS
•- Makrolon® Polycarbonate
Makroblend® polycarbonate/
polyester blend
Texin® and Desmopan®
•- Apec® High-Heat Polycarbonate
thermoplastic polyurethane
•For information on these materials,
Bayblend® Polycarbonate/
ABS call 1-800-662-2927 or visit
please Blend
Makroblend® Polycarbonate Blend
• Triax® Polyamide/ABS Blend
The following additional products
highlighted in this publication are now
• Lustran® and Novodur® ABS
part of LANXESS ...
A Design Guide
Part and Mold Design
Engineering Polymers
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