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Application Development
with Qt Creator

A fast-paced guide for building cross-platform
applications using Qt and Qt Quick

Ray Rischpater


Application Development with Qt Creator
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First published: November 2013

Production Reference: 1131113

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ISBN 978-1-78328-231-9

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Ray Rischpater
Lee Zhi Eng

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Linda Morris

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Pankaj Kadam
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Ronak Dhruv
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Conidon Miranda
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Conidon Miranda

About the Author
Ray Rischpater is an engineer and author with over 20 years' experience writing
about and developing for computing platforms.

During this time, he has participated in the development of Internet technologies and
custom applications for Java ME, Qualcomm BREW, Apple iPhone, Google Android,
Palm OS, Newton, and Magic Cap, as well as several proprietary platforms.
Presently, he's employed as a senior engineer at Microsoft in Mountain View,
working on mapping and data visualization.
When not writing for or about mobile platforms, he enjoys hiking and photography
with his family and friends i...
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