Manual SQL Server 2008 English

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Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008

A Beginner’s

About the Author
Dušan Petković is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the
Polytechnic in Rosenheim, Germany. He is the author of SQL Server 7: A Beginner’s
Guide, SQL Server 2000: A Beginner’s Guide, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005: A
Beginner’s Guide, and is a frequent contributor to SQL Server Magazine.

About the Technical Editor
Todd Meister has been using Microsoft technologies for over ten years. He’s been a
technical editor on over 40 titles ranging from SQL Server to the .NET Framework.
In addition, he is an assistant director for computing services at Ball State University
in Muncie, Indiana. He lives with his wife, Kimberly, and their four children in
central Indiana. Contact Todd at tmeister@sycamoresolutions.com.

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Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008

A Beginner’s
Dušan Petkovic

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