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: sheet metal solutions
Dedicated tools for the design and manufacture of
progressive & stamping dies

: the complete process...
making progress

Survival and competing in a global market may depend on a single
competitive advantage or highly skilled knowledge built over many years.
Vero provide both, combining unique and dedicated applications for die
design and manufacture with a knowledgeable development team striving
to keep Vero at the leading edge of technology.
From the administration office to the shop floor,
the VISI suite of software is unique in that
it covers all aspects of the sheet metal
stamping process - from model analysis
and quoting, part unfolding and blank
development through to 3D
die design, manufacture
and multi-axis laser


: sheet metal solutions
Based on the industry standard
Parasolid kernel, flexible solid and
surface technology tools combine with
intelligent geometry healing tools to
provide the ideal platform for managing
the most complex data. The extensive
range of data translators ensures that
engineers can work with data from
almost any supplier. Very large files
can be handled with ease and users
working with complex designs will
benefit from the simplicity with which
their customer’s CAD data can be
Working within an integrated system,
the jump from 2D to 3D die design is
often recognised as the step to help
reduce errors, streamline the design
process and ultimately increase your
competitiveness and profitability.

Deep drawing, linear and non-linear
unfolding and flange development are
all managed with a hybrid algorithm
based on a combination of analytic and
FEM solvers. This unique technology
combination allows the user to predict
the stamping conditions and define
every step of the development process.
In-depth process studies can be
performed on multiple different
scenarios returning valuable information
to the designer such as dynamic
nesting, material wastage, material
weight and the relevant shearing forces
required at each stage.
Part complexity, part size, number of
parts and pressing speed all influence
the type of tooling required. From ‘onestep’ press tooling through to transfer,
progressive and multi-slide tools,
Vero provide intelligent solutions with
dedicated component libraries.


For ‘one-step’ tooling, the designer
can confidently predict the forming
impact on thickness distribution
returning valuable knowledge regarding
part formability. Accurate blank
development all...
Dedicated tools for the design and manufacture of
progressive & stamping dies
: sheet metal solutions
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