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to a technical overview of

Common Rail
Diesel Fuel Systems
presented by

Tony Kitchen
(AK Training)

Tony Kitchen (AK Training) offers professional technical courses for those working in the motor industry
wanting to improve their knowledge and skills and who are serious about personal development. Courses
are based upon 25 years practical experience and extensive hands on technical knowledge of subject
matter (not possible to obtain from reading a book or watching a CD)!
A comprehensive programme of courses is available from AK Training. Courses run from regular venues in
the Milton Keynes, Northampton and Buckingham area. Courses can also be delivered on site at clients
premises anywhere in the UK. Overseas training services are also available. This presentation forms the
basis for a generic common rail diesel course which is now undergoing development and will be available
in the near future.
For further information about courses, course dates, fees, venues and all other enquiries including on site
and overseas training, please contact AK Training direct. In the meantime, please enjoy the following
presentation for your technical information.

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Common Rail Diesel Fuel Systems
Aims, objectives and disclaimer:
The aim of this presentation is to give a generic technical overview of the main features and
operating principles of the common rail diesel fuel injection system. The objectives are that
by the end of this presentation, you will have gained a working knowledge and
understanding of the fundamental principles of common rail diesel fuel systems.
Please bear in mind that all facts and figures quoted are intended to show typical examples
only for explanation purposes. Always refer to manufacturer technical data for exact system
specifications and repair procedures.
Finally this slide show does not include speaker notes. If you have any comments or would
like further information, please contact AK Training directly

Common Rail Diesel Fuel Systems
Advantages of common rail:
• Fuel pressure available on demand.....
• Higher injection pressures and finer atomization of fuel.....
• Injection pressure created independent of engine speed.....
• Multiple injections per cylinder combu...
to a technical overview of
Common Rail
Diesel Fuel Systems
presented by
Tony Kitchen
(AK Training)
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