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The Design Life of Structures

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The Design Life of Structures
edited. by

Director, Research and Technical Services
British Cement Association
Wexham Springs

Glasgow and London

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The design life of structures.
I. Somerville, G.
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© 2004 Taylor & Francis Books, Inc.

There has been growing interest in the service life of structures due to a
perceived lack of performance in structures built in the last 40 years or so. With
that in mind, the British Group of IABSE organized a colloquium in July 1990
at Pembroke College, Cambridge, UK, which, in effect, was a workshop on the
feasibility and practical application of design life principles to structures.
All sectors of the construction industry were represented, including private
and public sector owners, local authorities, architects, engineers, contractors,
material specialists and universities. The scope related mainly to bridges and
buildings, and the subjects covered included design concepts, detailing, loads,
performance requirements, predictive modelling, material specifications,
workmanship and maintenance. Other papers covered seismic design and longlife structures. Additionally, there were contributions on how related industries
(e.g. offshore, marine, nuclear and aircraft industries) coped with design life.
Five of the 33 invited delegates were from Europe and North America.
In all, 29 invited papers were presented in four sessions, with reporters
preparing extensive summaries of the wide-ranging discussions that took place
in each. This book contains both the papers and the reports, together with a final
summing-up, which gives the main conclusions from the colloquium, as well as
indicating the way ahead in developing a structured approach to give better inservice...
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