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Praise for Programming Your Home
Mike has a broad technology experience base that puts all the pieces of some
remarkable projects together. It’s amazing that he makes it all so easy and affordable. Don’t miss all that can be learned from this gem.
➤ Michael Bengtson, Consultant
The Web-Enabled Light Switch project gave my family convenience and security
options and enhanced my knowledge of RS-232 communications. It is nice to be
able to switch on lights from my favorite chair. And the Tweeting Bird Feeder
project has opened my eyes to the uses of radio communications around the home
for things besides Wi-Fi, and it will help in my work to contribute to the preservation of bird species that are struggling for food and habitat.
➤ Bob Cochran, Information Technology Specialist
With this book, Mike Riley celebrates the Arduino microcontroller in a way that
both beginning and advanced home automation hobbyists will enjoy.
➤ Sven Davies, Vice President of Applications
This is an outstanding reference that should be on the desk of every DIYer. In
much the same way that software engineers mention “The Gang of Four Patterns
Book,” I predict this text will eventually be referred to as “The Riley Book of Home
➤ Jon Kurz, President, Dycet, LLC

Every technology is only as exciting as the things you do with it. Mike takes a few
cheap electronics parts, an Arduino, and a bit of code and turns your home into
a much more exciting and enjoyable place. His easy-to-follow instructions make
every single one of these projects both fun and useful.
➤ Maik Schmidt, Software Developer, Author of Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide
I’ve had more fun learning new languages, systems, and gadgets with this book
than any other book I’ve read!
➤ James Schultz, Software Developer
Home automation is great fun, and Programming Your Home by Mike Riley will
get you started right away. By leveraging this book and the easily available
free/inexpensive hardware and software, anyone can tackle some great projects.
➤ Tony Williamitis, Senior Embedded Systems Engineer
This is a fun and enthusiastic survey of electronic devices that can interact with
the real world and that starts in your own home!
➤ John Winans, Chief Software Architect

Programming Your Home
Automate with Arduino, Android, and Your Computer

Mike Riley

The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Dallas, Texas • Raleigh, North Carolina

Many of the designations...
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