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Rewrite the following sentences as directed:
1. The children prefer cycling to walking.
The children would rather -----------------------------------------------------------2. I prefer going out for a meal to staying at home.
I’d rather -------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to buy that car.
I’d rather ------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. I would prefer you deliver this sofa on Friday.
I’d rather you ------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Please don’t go there now.
I’d rather you -----------------------------------------------------------------------6. She has a one-hour journey to work every day.
Her journey ---------------------------------------------------------------------------7. I had to spend two hours finishing my assignment.
It took ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. We spent three hours opening the door.
It took -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. He washed his car in one hour.
It took -----------------------------------------------------------------------------10. They built that bridge in three years.
It took ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11. The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was very rough.
The sea was too ------------------------------------------------------------------------12. The ink was so faded that I couldn’t read the word.
The ink was too --------------------------------------------------------------------13. The bridge was so low that the bus couldn’t go under it.
It was --------------------------------------------------------------------------------14. He is such a slow speaker that his students get bored.
He speaks -----------------------------------------------------------------------------15. These questions are too difficult for us to answer.
These questions are so --------------------------------------------------------------16. He spoke too quickly for me to understand.
He spoke so --------------------------------------------------------------------------17. The air is too polluted for us to breathe.
The air is not ---------------------------------------------------------------------------18. The tea was too hot for him to drink.
It was such -------------------------------------------...
24. No one in the group is younger than her.
She is the -------------------------------------------------------------------------
25. Tom is the best football player in the team.
No one in the team is ----------------------------------------------------------
26. My sister is taller than any other student in the class.
My sister is ---------------------------------------------------------------------
27. Susan isn’t as good at chemistry as Sarah.
Sarah is ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
28. Stone isn’t as hard as iron.
Iron is -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
29. I don’t play the guitar as well as he does.
He plays ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
30. No other city in Vietnam is so large as Ho Chi Minh city.
Ho Chi Minh city ---------------------------------------------------------------------
31. My father doesn’t drink a lot. He doesn’t smoke a lot.
My father neither ---------------------------------------------------------------------
32. He didn’t come. He didn’t phone me.
He neither ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
33. I come late and my friend comes late too.
Both -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
34. She likes pop music. She also likes rock music.
She likes not only ------------------------------------------------------------------
35. You can go to bed. You can watch TV if you like.
You can either -----------------------------------------------------------------------
36. I / not meet / him / yesterday.
37. When / I / go / work / see / accident
38. They / used / live here / but now / they / live / city.
39. She / wash / dishes / while / husband / watch / TV
40. When / I / come / they / have / breakfast.
41. Farmers / work / field / at the moment.
42. My friend / not write / me / a year.
43. My father / jog / that park / every morning.
44. I / learn / French / many years now.
45. Before I / go / out / I / prepare / dinner.
Would rather + V1 + than + V1
Would rather + O + V (quá khứ đơn): muốn ai làm gì
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