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By Trương Công Bằng (M.A)

First, decide who you are:
You are part of a team working for the Whiterose Hotel
Every time you start to write, you need to ask
yourself two questions:
What is the purpose of this piece of writing?
Who am I writing to?
You identify the town that they think the Hotel Division
should move to and give reasons why.
The memo will be read by all the staff of the Hotel

Most companies print their
own memo stationery, but
the headings are always the
c.c. means carbon
copies, and indicates
that you have sent a
copy of the memo to
someone else.
No greeting (such as
Put your initials at the
end, not your full

 The text is divided into paragraphs.
 Use bullet points to list items.

Standard memo
The introduction
should explain
what the report is
The main body
examines the issues
or problem in detail
and describes how
the writer collected
his/her information
The recommendations
tell the reader what
steps to take next to
solve the problem.

should be
wellstructured and
easy to read.
They include
the main body
and a

the main
points of the

Notice the suggested structure for a
a. To/ From/ Subject/ Date
b. No opening greeting necessary
Main message
d. Recommendations
e. Initials of the writer

What style should the memo be written
a. Memos are short, official notes that
will be read by people within a
b. Memos are usually less formal than
business letters.
The language is simple and clear and
the tone is normally neutral.
When you have finished, check your
writing for: logical structure, clarity
of ideas, accuracy of language,
appropriateness of style.

Suggested answer:
To: all staff
From: your name here
Subject: Celf Cure
Date: 21st March 2011
I recommend that we invest in the Celf Cure
venture. The techniques can be used on a
variety of diseases, so there will always be a
big demand for this treatment. Celf Cure is
an existing company that has already made
a success with other medical products, so
there is less risk.

Suggested answer:
To: The staff of the Hotel Division
From: your name here
Subject: Location of new offices
Date: 21st March 2011
The Whiterose Head Office can no longer
provide enough space for all our employees.
We are planning to relocate the staff of the
Hotel Division to new offices in Luton. We
believe this will be an excellent location
because it is cl...
By Tr ng Công B ng (M.A)ươ
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