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2009년 3월 토익 기출 변형 문제

101. Blank disks are kept ------- the desk next to

105. The Houston International Airport has
decided to offer free shuttle ------- to

the printer station.

and from downtown.
(A) out
(B) from

(A) serve

(C) on

(B) service

(D) to

(C) servings
(D) will serve

102. Ms. Gomez has to hire ------- a chef and an
event planner for the annual company

106. The team leaders are responsible for
ordering safety hats, gloves, vests, and


other ------- for their construction crews.
(A) never
(B) both

(A) attributes

(C) either

(B) supplies

(D) whether

(C) members
(D) facilities

103. Our overstock of strawberries is being
given away to ------- room for the incoming

107. After all the proposals are turned in, Mrs.
Hansen ------- the best plan.

shipment of oranges.
(A) make

(A) chose

(B) made

(B) will choose

(C) makes

(C) have chosen

(D) making

(D) was choosing

104. The new Satellite Plus Television by Modern 108. Visitors to the botanical gardens need
Electronics has so many great features that the

to ------- for an audio tour.

------- model is no longer being produced.
(A) express
(A) previous

(B) register

(B) forward

(C) record

(C) away

(D) approve

(D) precise

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2009년 3월 토익 기출 변형 문제

109. Mr. Sanders was recognized yesterday for

113. Staff are asked to print on used paper

his ------- work on the recent expansion into

to ------- waste and decrease supply

the Asian market.


(A) impress

(A) reduce

(B) impressive

(B) pursue

(C) impressively

(C) fasten

(D) impressed

(D) refrain

110. After two decades of service, IT Experts -------

114. The layout and content teams will work

offers the high quality computer care for which

individually and then join to put ------- ideas

it is known.

together for the book.

(A) still

(A) them

(B) later

(B) they

(C) soon

(C) their

(D) once

(D) themselves

111. As an usher of Greenwich Theater, Candice

115. Mr. Jameson, the vice president of Calwell

has to ------- audiences to their seats prior to

Enterprises, requested a ------- of the

the show.

merger contract for review prior to final

(A) visit
(B) reserve

(A) copy

(C) escort

(B) collection

(D) book

(C) payment

112. Jane Hansen was given a ------- only six
months after she joined the company.
(A) promotes
(B) promotion

(D) fund
116. Putting a coffee shop near the entrance of
the shopping center has been ------successful.

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