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Rosi Jillett

Pearson Education Limited,
Edinburgh Gate, Harlow,
Essex CM20 2JE, England
And Associated Companies throughout the world

© Pearson Education Limited 2001
“The right of Rosi Jillett to be identified
as author of this work has been asserted
by her in accordance with the
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.”
All rights reserved; no part of this publication
may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording
or otherwise, without the prior written
permission of the Publishers.
First published 2001
Produced for the publishers by CjB Editorial Plus
Set in 10/12pt Stone Informal
Printed in the United Kingdom
ISBN 0 582 46939 2
Language syllabus: Sarah Cunningham and Peter Moor
Video script: Roger Dunton
Video production: ELT Productions Ltd.
We are grateful to the following for permission
to reproduce copyright material:
ITN Archive (Chinese New Year celebration p. 50),
Barnaby’s Picture Library (Earl of Sandwich p. 12),
Slow Food International (Carlo Petrini p. 13),
Reuters’ Television (Julius Reuter p. 15, pigeons p. 16,
new electric telegraph p. 17, jitterbug pp. 21 and 22,
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dance marathon pp. 21 and 22), Viking Books (Indra Sinha p. 25,
Imelda Marcos p. 25, Imelda Marcos’ shoes p. 26), Trans-World
International (football crowd p. 27), Eurostar (Eurostar train p. 32),
Tandem TV/Eurotunnel (tunnel breakthrough p. 30, tunnelling machines p. 31)

Introduction for the teacher
The Cutting Edge Elementary/Pre-Intermediate Video gives students a wealth of information about
aspects of modern life, providing them with a rich source of authentic, real-life material. Based
on the syllabus of the Cutting Edge Elementary and Pre-Intermediate students’ books, the language
is graded accordingly through the six video programmes. If you are using the Cutting Edge
course, each video unit is designed to be used once students reach the consolidation sections in
the corresponding students’ book.

The Video Workbook
The Cutting Edge Elementary/Pre-Intermediate Video Workbook helps students to understand the
video through comprehension questions and exercises.
The units are divided into the following sections:
Preview prepares students for the video topic and includes the pre-teaching of vocabulary
which students may meet ...
Rosi Jillett
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