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Improve Your
American English
Charlsie Childs

Typed and edited by trung1906

Improve Your American English Accent is an audio course designed to help non-natives

understand and produce the accents of North American English speakers. The course
consists of six sessions on three compact disks and this accompanying booklet, which
parallels the information on the disks. Your are strongly encouraged to listen to each
session a minimum of five times before going on to the next session. Also try to listen to
each session at least three times before you look at the corresponding text in this
booklet. (Many times new language learners hear what they expect to hear; you may be
surprised by what you learn when you don’t have expectations.)
Although the recordings can be studied on their own, this written guide to the material
covered in the audio sessions will help reinforce your understanding. It also serves as a
quick reference to the tracks on the three CDs.
In this guide, you will find summaries of the key instruction in each lesson, along with all
the model words, phrases, and sentences to be repeated (marked by Î). This booklet
also provides the questions and answers to the main audio exercises on the recording, so
do not look at these sections until you have completed the relevant exercise on the
recording (at least three times).

A quick review of grammar terms
(If you wish, there’s room for translations of these terms into your first language.)
Parts of Speech: ________________________________
Noun: ____________________ A naming word; e.g., man, woman, John, sun, country,
life, action.
Pronoun: __________________ A word that substitutes for a noun; e.g., it, that, I,
you, us, ours.
Infinitive:__________________ A word, usually preceded by to, that is used as a
noun: e.g., to be, to go, to have, to work.
Gerund: ___________________A word that finishes with –ing that is used as a
noun: e.g., being, living, swimming, working.

Typed and edited by trung1906


Singular: ________________ (one)
Plural: ___________________ (more than one)
Verb: _______________
Auxiliary Verb: ___________________ A word that works with the main verb in a
phrase; e.g., am, is, are, was, were, been, do, does, did, have, has, had.
Modal Auxiliary Verb: _____________________ A helping verb that gives us
added information; e.g., can, could, might, should.
Verb Forms: _______________________ E.g., forms of a regular verb: work,
works, working, worked; forms of ...
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