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Quiz Game: What is this?


Quiz Game: What is this?


Quiz Game: What is this?


Quiz Game: What is this?


Quiz Game: What is this?


Quiz Game: What is this?


Unit 9: Undersea world
Period 1: reading
I. Before you read
Decide whether the following statements are True(T) or
1. There are five oceans.
2. The ocean is divided into five different parts: the
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic Oceans.
3. The Pacific ocean means Thai Binh Duong; Atlantic
ocean means Dai Tay Duong; Indian ocean means An
Do Duong; Antarctic ocean means Nam Bang Duong
and Arctic ocean means Bac Bang Duong in
4. Thanks to modern technology, people can discover
the mysteries under the sea.

Unit 9: Undersea world
Period 1: reading
II. While you read
Read the text and do the tasks that follow.
There is only one ocean. It is divided into five different
parts: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic, and Arctic
Oceans. There are also many other smaller seas, gulfs
and bays which form part of them. Altogether they
cover 75 percent of the earth’s surface. For centuries,
people have been challenged by the mysteries that lie
beneath the ocean. However, today’s scientists have
overcome many of the challenges of the depth by
using modern devices. They send submarines to
investigate the seabed and bring samples of marine
life back to the surface for further study. Satellite
photographs provide a wide range of information,

including water temperature, depth and the undersea
populations. If modern technology did not exist, we
would never have such precious information.
Marine plants and animals fall into three major groups.
Some of them live on or depend on the bottom like the
starfish. Some are swimming animals such as fishes
and sharks that move independently of water currents
while others are tiny organisms that are carried along
by the currents like the jellyfish. Plants and animals of
the sea, however small or oversized, all contribute to
its biodiversity. Unless this biodiversity were
maintained, marine life would be at stake.

Task1. The words in the box all appear in the passage.
Fill each blank with one of them. There are more words
than needed.
biodiversity challenges




1. Some plants and animals are referred to
because they are extremely
2. Thanks to modern technology, scientists have been
able to ..............
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