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When the first COBUILD dictionary was published in 1987, it revolutionized
dictionaries for learners. It was the first of a new generation of language
reference materials that were based on actual evidence of how English was
used, rather than lexicographer intuition.
Collins and the University of Birmingham, led by the linguist John Sinclair,
developed an electronic corpus in the 1980s, called the Collins Birmingham
University International Language Database (COBUILD). This corpus, which
for several years was known as the Bank of English®, became the largest
collection of English data in the world. COBUILD dictionary editors use the
corpus to analyse the way that people really use the language.
The Collins corpus now contains 4 billion words taken from websites,
newspapers, magazines and books published around the world, and from
spoken material from radio, TV and everyday conversations. New data is
added to the corpus every month, to help COBUILD editors identify new
words, grammatical structures, and meanings from the moment they are first
All COBUILD language reference books are based on the information our
editors find in the Collins corpus. Because the corpus is so large, our editors
can look at lots of examples of how people really use the language. The data
tells us how the language is used; the function of different structures; which
words are used together; and how often these words and structures are used.
All of the examples in COBUILD language materials are examples of real
English, taken from the corpus. The examples have been carefully chosen to
demonstrate typical grammatical patterns, typical vocabulary and typical
COBUILD Grammar is no exception: Collins editors and researchers have been
able to use this wealth of information to establish a unique and full
description of English grammar, and to track the development of certain
grammatical structures over time.
The corpus lies at the heart of COBUILD, and you can be confident that
COBUILD will show you what you need to know to be able to communicate
easily and accurately in English.
If you would like to learn more about the Collins corpus, or to sign up for our
online corpus service, please go to 

книга выложена группой vk.com/create_your_english

Third Edition
Managing Editor
Penny Hands
Editorial Consultant
Roger Berry
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Project Manager
Lisa S...
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