The study Skills handbook

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The Study Skills

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Palgrave Study Skills
Titles in this series by Stella Cottrell
Critical Thinking Skills (2nd edn)
The Exam Skills Handbook (2nd edn)
The Palgrave Student Planner
Skills for Success (2nd edn)
Study Skills Connected
The Study Skills Handbook (4th edn)
Teaching Study Skills and Supporting Learning
Business Degree Success
Career Skills
Cite Them Right (9th edn)
e-Learning Skills (2nd edn)
The Graduate Career Guidebook
Great Ways to Learn Anatomy and Physiology
How to Begin Studying English Literature (3rd edn)
How to Manage Your Distance and Open Learning Course
How to Manage Your Postgraduate Course
How to Study Foreign Languages
How to Study Linguistics (2nd edn)
How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays (2nd edn)
How to Write Better Essays (2nd edn)
How to Write Your Undergraduate Dissertation
Improve Your Grammar

Information Skills
The International Student Handbook
IT Skills for Successful Study
The Mature Student’s Guide to Writing (3rd edn)
The Mature Student’s Handbook
Practical Criticism
Presentation Skills for Students (2nd edn)
The Principles of Writing in Psychology
Professional Writing (2nd edn)
Researching Online
The Student’s Guide to Writing (3rd edn)
The Student Phrase Book
Study Skills for International Postgraduates
Study Skills for Speakers of English as a Second Language
Studying History (3rd edn)
Studying Law (3rd edn)
Studying Modern Drama (2nd edn)
Studying Psychology (2nd edn)
The Undergraduate Research Handbook
The Work-Based Learning Student Handbook
Work Placements – A Survival Guide for Students
Write it Right (2nd edn)
Writing for Engineers (3rd edn)
Writing for Law
Writing for Nursing and Midwifery Students (2nd edn)

Pocket Study Skills
14 Days to Exam Success
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and More
Brilliant Writing Tips for Students
Completing Your PhD
Doing Research
Getting Critical
Planning Your Essay
Planning Your PhD
Reading and Making Notes

Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism
Reflective Writing
Report Writing
Science Study Skills
Studying with Dyslexia
Success in Groupwork
Time Management
Writing for University

Palgrave Research Skills
Authoring a PhD
The Foundations of Research (2nd edn)
Getting to Grips with Doctoral Research

The Good Supervisor (2nd edn)
The Postgraduate Research Handbook (2nd edn)
Structuring Your Research Thesis

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The Study Skills
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