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He Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma's wine country is a little hotel that's
getting bigger. The inn (which really does have a farmhouse) in
Forestville, Calif., is adding nine luxury rooms and a spa to its sixacre site.
That may not sound like much of an expansion compared with a
Las Vegas mega-hotel, but it's a big leap for the Russian River Valley
hotel that for the past two years has earned a spot on Travel +
Leisure's World's Best Hotels list.
"The place is family-run, friendly, and down-home, yet spares no
expense in treating guests like visiting royalty," T+L says in its 2014
New Barn rooms have been built behind the main house in a
woodsy area of the property. They come in two sizes -- luxury and
deluxe -- and feature big view windows, tubs with jets, private decks
and fireplace. These rooms go for $845 to $995 a night.
California: Vintage Tomales Bay farmhouse opens for vacation stays

The inn is running an introductory offer through the end of the
year: Anyone who books the new deluxe rooms for three nights will
receive a fourth night free. You can reserve now for stays starting
Aug. 21.
Aside from the new rooms, guests also have the choice
of cottage rooms and suites, some with two-person saunas, that
cost $595 to $745 a night. There also are rooms in the original
farmhouse that date to 1872.
The inn has upgraded other parts of the property too, including a
renovated pool area and a new spa slated to open in September.

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California: Vintage Tomales Bay farmhouse opens for vacation stays
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