Understanding Islamic Finance

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Understanding Islamic Finance
Muhammad Ayub

Understanding Islamic Finance

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Understanding Islamic Finance
Muhammad Ayub

project financing
in construction and erection of plants 373–4
syndication arrangements for Sukuk issue and
securitization 374
promise, see Ahd/W’adah (promise)
property, in Islamic commercial law 101–2
Qimi goods


rates of return, in Islamic finance 448–50
refinancing schemes, by Central Banks 377–8
religion, role in economics 10–11
principles of Islamic finance 11–13
trade regulations 13–14
repayment of debts, see loan and debt, in
Islamic commercial law
revelation and Islamic economic system 21–2
Riba, prohibition of
connotation of term 52–3
differentiating the contracts for 48–9
in the Holy Qur’¯an and Sunnah 44–7
in insurance 419
in loans/debts 47
misconceptions 49–51
and other factor payments 57
in other religions 53–4
rationale for 54–7
in sale/exchange contracts 51–2
rights of Allah (SWT) 22, 64, 113, 302, 422,
433, 437, 475
risk premium, in Takaful system 427
risk profile, of Islamic banks 452
Salam contract 104, 108, 113
accounting practices by banks 262–3
disposing of goods purchased 250–2
economic role 242–3
features of a valid 243–9
as financing technique by banks 257–63
flow of Salam transactions by banks 256
post execution scenarios 252–4
preshipment export financing 260
and refinance by the Central Banks (CBs)
risks in 258–9
rules 255–6
security or a pledge in a 249–50
Sukuk or certificates (SC) 254–5
vs Murabaha 257
for working capital finance 261, 370
Salam Securities/Sukuk 403–4


sale/exchange transactions, in Islamic economic
system, see Riba, prohibition of
AAOIFI standards 392
on the basis of Murabaha and Murabaha
Sukuk 405–6
benefits 392
case study 414–15
categories of Sukuk 398–407
concept 391–2
issues in terms and structures of Sukuk
parties are involved in Sukuk transactions
risk, contract and cash flow analysis 395
Shar¯ı´ah standards 396–8
special purpose vehicle (SPV) 394–5
Sukuk in fund management 411–12
Sukuk issues in various countries 409
tradability of Sukuk 407–9
trading of securitized papers 392–3
securitized papers
asset-backed securitization (ABS) 393
collateralized debt/loan obligations 394
mortgage-backed securitization 394
pool-based securitization 393
shares/certificates distribution, in joint stock
companies 329–30
criticisms on different interpretatio...
Understanding Islamic Finance
Muhammad Ayub
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