21 Power Principles to Maximize Your Business Success

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21 Power Principles

Business Builders Who Get Rich
By Jay Abraham
Before we begin…a word from Jay
There are 21 “Power Principles” in this report and, while each one has a dynamism of its
own, all of them have a common theme:
They are designed to help you put more cash and more customers in your business!
And I can assure you that my Power Principles will do just that. For almost 25 years, I
have used them to help thousands of businesses jump-start their sales and profits – in many cases
overnight and, in some cases, on a scale that is truly mind-boggling.
The Principles aren’t theoretical. They are all practical techniques of proven value and
wide applicability. They can be used successfully by the smallest “Mom and Pop” store, or
by a megacorporation. Whether you are a dentist or a designer, a “captain of industry” or the
struggling owner of a start-up business, these “21 Principles” can do for you what they have
done for so many others:
…help you rise to new levels of business and personal success.

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Power Principle Number One:
Don’t Keep Your Customers From Buying!
My 24 years of experience in advising business owners and professionals has taught me
a shocking truth: Most owners put limits on the amount of business that their customers want
to do with them.
It doesn’t happen by design, of course, but it might as well happen by design, because
the fallout is every bit as devastating. Countless numbers of profitable sales that could be
made are not made, countless numbers of customers are denied the opportunity of receiving
full, satisfying service, and countless numbers of opportunities for business growth and personal
fulfillment are squandered.
I have seen that happen many times. Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep my business
clients from falling into that trap. And that’s why I’m putting this special report in your hands
at this time.
I don’t want you to miss a single opportunity to draw closer to the customers you already
have, and to do more business with them! Those customers are your greatest asset. They are
also an asset you can immediately leverage, simply by creating more opportunities for them to
buy from you – and to buy more frequently. The dynamics of that process are what I call the
“21 Power Principles.” Let’s take a closer look at Principle Number One – letting cu...
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