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My Genome:

J. C R A I G




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f all the extraordinary scientific achievements

o f the past century, perhaps none can match

the deciphering o f the human genetic code, both for its
technical brilliance and for its implications for our future.
It has charted a landscape in which we will discover the
most intricate workings o f our species, the particularities
of our own individual genetic makeup, and the promise o f
novel approaches to health and medicine that will mark a
new stage in human development, one in which inherited
biology is no longer necessarily destiny.
A Life Decoded is the story o f this singular milestone in
our history, told by the man who through a combination
o f vision, tenacity, ingenuity, and insight challenged
conventional wisdom and refuted his critics to reveal the
human genetic code. Growing up in California, Craig
Venter was an unremarkable student, with little interest
in his schoolwork and even less motivation to complete
his education. But being drafted as a Navy medic in
Vietnam piqued his interest in science and medicine, and
after jump-starting his education, he received advanced
degrees and quickly established himself as a gifted and
outspoken scientist. At the National Institutes o f Health
he introduced novel techniques for rapid gene discovery,
and at his own research institute in 1995 sequenced the
first genome o f a living species in history, the bacterium
Haemophilus influenzae.
That success prompted him to take on the dauntingly
more ambitious goal o f the entire human genome—billions
o f letters o f genetic code that would test the limits o f
both human and computational abilities. Venter not only
set himself this almost inconceivably ambitious goal but
also announced he could reach it more quickly, and for
far less money, than the government-sponsored Human
Genome Project—a prediction he fulfilled in 2 0 0 1 . The
story o f that quest is at the heart o f A Life Decoded, and

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rarely has the chronicle o f a scientific adventure been
more dramatic or, ultimately, more profoundly moving.
The account o f the decoding o f the human genome is,
on one hand, a thrilling story o f detection, featuring
machines that refused to function the way they should
have, as well as flashes o f virtuosity from an increasingly
pressured, small band o f dedicated researchers. But it is
also a revealing, and often tr...