AA-DONALD P. DELVES - Stock options and the new rules

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“Don Delves is one of the industry's most knowledgeable compensation consultants. His book makes an important contribution to
the stock option dialogue.”—Larry Hirsch, Chairman & CEO of
Centex Corporation
“This is an excellent book for anyone interested in the important
discussion of stock option expensing and, more significantly, the
optimal use of stock options in compensation plans. It is written
from the point of view of an experienced and knowledgeable compensation consultant who has advised board compensation committees and talked with many people outside the field considering
the economic and incentive effects of the overuse of stock options in
the 90s.”—John M. Biggs, former Chairman & CEO of TIAACREF
“This book is very thoughtful and insightful. There are no right
answers– only degrees of balance. The author has achieved that
well.”—John Rau, President and CEO of Miami Corporation; former CEO of Chicago Title & Trust Company
“If you are on the Compensation or Finance Committee of a Board,
this is a must read. With the portfolio of executive compensation
Don Delves assisted us with, BorgWarner has risen to the top without megagrants of stock options.”—John F. Fiedler, former Chairman and CEO of BorgWarner
“Don Delves has given us a clear, lively exposition of multiple
issues and variables to be considered in formulating incentives to
improve corporate and executive performance. Along with his
unequivocal advocacy of expensing stock options, he calls for a
more balanced approach to compensation, one that blends a variety
of elements to engender more attention on the long-term health of
the enterprise. His interviews with thought leaders such as Paul
Volcker and Myron Scholes and the incisive questions he poses help
frame a robust debate on the proper use of options.”—Ronald L.
Turner, Chairman, President, and CEO of Ceridian Corporation

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Measuring, Managing, and
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