Beaking the time barrier

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Praise for Breaking
the Time Barrier
“It’s the eternal struggle of the freelance worker: how do you price
your work in a way that’s fair to both you and the client? Nothing
less than your career success and personal happiness hinges
on this question. Spend an hour with this book, and you’ll come
away with a whole new way of looking at your value and your
relationship with your clients.”
—Daniel H. Pink, best-selling author of Drive, A Whole New
Mind and Free Agent Nation
“Spectacularly simple, remarkably true, for every small business
owner who’s determined to grow, Breaking the Time Barrier will
work for you!”
—Michael E. Gerber, best-selling author of The E-Myth, and
inventor of The Dreaming Room for entrepreneurs
“People constantly ask me ‘How can I get a 4-hour workweek with
a service business?’ This story is the short answer.”
—Tim Ferriss, author of the #1 bestseller, The 4-Hour

“This book unlocks the truth about how to build an insanely
profitable business.”
—John Jantsch, best-selling author of Duct Tape Marketing
“I urge my friends in public accounting to first read the book and
then make sure every one of your small business clients does too.
It could prove to be the most important 30 minutes you invest this
—Gregory L. LaFollette, CPA.CITP CGMA
“Breaking The Time Barrier is a must read for every business
owner who’s ever struggled with putting a price tag on their
services. If only it would have been around when I started my
design studio.”
—Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of CreativeMornings,
“In order to understand the difference between time and
value, just read Breaking the Time Barrier. In about an hour,
Mike McDerment will get you up to speed on the fundamental
difference between churning billable hours and delivering
value to your clients.”
—Sam Glover, editor-in-chief of the law practice blog,

Breaking the
Time Barrier
How to Unlock Your True
Earning Potential
Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper

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A word or two
before we begin
In January 2003, I was running a small design firm
when I finally snapped. I was using Microsoft Word to
bill my clients when I accidently saved over an invoice.
The frustration of billing my clients overwhelmed me,
and so did the thought of using accounting software—
so I built my own solution.
Building my own product company quickly became a
passion, but passion projects don’t pay…at least not
on day one. To keep the lights on I mov...
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