Black leather & Blue Denim

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Black Leather and Blue Denim
A ‘50’s Novel – Sample Chapter
By Jay Dubya

All rights reserved
Copyright © 2001 Jay Dubya
ISBN 1-58909-046-2

No part of this book may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical,
without written permission from the author.

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Chapter XLVIII
"The Blueberry Farm Rematch"
The '42 Ford and the '49 Merc exited the Virginia Avenue parking lot. When
Carnie's James Dean Special slowly passed Pacific Avenue, Bo spotted several
hookers on the corner and startled them by yelling out, "I'm a visiting District
Attorney. Could you tell me where the local prostitutor's office is?"
Quinn, followed by Carnie, turned left onto Atlantic Avenue, and after around
twenty traffic lights, the cars reached Route 322, the Black Horse Pike. Soon we
were out of Atlantic City and on our way to the Atlantic Blueberry Company’s
immense farm.
I figured I'd try to hold a decent conversation without Jalonec contributing his
very disturbing prattle. "Things have really changed since last Labor Day," I said,
"because a year ago the D's were afraid of the K's. Now it's hard to tell which gang
is the protagonist and which gang is the antagonist."
"You said it," Carnie agreed. "Cummings fooled us good with that friggin’
telephone booth scam last Labor Day."
"The Kamikazes are still dangerous," Tinker stated, "and if you guys didn't have
me on your side, you'd have lost the greaser war ten months ago."


"Carnie's right," Bo declared, ignoring Tinker's opinion. "Those Kamikazes made
all you guys stuff yourselves into the Dairy DeLite phonebooth just to see how the
D's would stack-up against the K's."
As Carnie drove past Pleasantville on our way to Mays Landing, anxiety and
suspense were peaking. Bo came through with a goofy one-liner as a meat delivery
truck sped by us in the passing lane. "Now that's what I really call fast food," he
We all laughed at Jalonec's witty observation, mostly because a giant void
existed where nothing was said, and any language would have aided in filling in
the vacuum.
Bo then told us about some of his former acquaintances over in West Philly
named Monty Zuma, Vic Trolla, Cliff Dweller, Luke Warm, Hans Zoff, Philip
Yertanc and Buster Cherry. I had to open the back window on the passenger side to
get more ventilation. So much perspiration was rolling down my forehead that I
thought it needed a windshield wiper.
I complained to Jalonec ...
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