Central Mongolia

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Central Mongolia

But central Mongolia offers more than steppes. Landscapes are broken by the forested
hillsides of the Khan Khentii range, meandering rivers such as the Tuul and lunar-like lava
fields spilling across central Arkhangai. The silhouette of a lone horseman on a hill or camels
caravanning in the distance completes every perfect day.
The rivers and back trails of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park beckon the outdoor enthusiast.
At Khustain National Park you can break out the binoculars and spot the reintroduced takhi
horse. Alternatively, set out from Ulaanbaatar on foot, climb the holy Bogdkhan Uul to the
south of the city, and camp out by Mandshir Khiid. Travelling by horse is another great way to
get around the region. Travellers with more time on their hands can spend weeks exploring
the ancient sites and remote areas of the mighty Khangai and its surrounding plains.
Central Mongolia’s aimags (provinces), Töv, Arkhangai and Övörkhangai, are the most visited areas in the countryside. The roads and transport are far better here than in the rest of
Mongolia, and there is plenty to see, including ancient monasteries, gorgeous lakes and many
national parks. The people, mostly comprising the Khalkh majority, are accustomed to foreigners, and you can expect somewhat better services than in other parts of the country.

„ Saddle up and go on a horse trek to the

beautiful but remote Naiman Nuur Nature
Reserve (p119)


„ Pedal your way over the hills and through
the valleys of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
(p104) on a mountain bike and cap the
experience with a night at a ger camp


National Park
National Park

Naiman Nuur
Nature Reserve

„ Focus your camera lens on the magnificent

takhi (wild horse) at Khustain National Park
(p115), where the wild horse roams free
once again
„ Hike into the forests to the splendid Tövkhön Khiid (p124), the site of religious leader and

artist Zanabazar’s workshop and meditation centre
„ Camp by the striking Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (p130), a volcanic lake offering great fishing

and lovely sunsets
„ POPULATION: 289,100

„ AREA: 199,000 SQ KM


Roll out of Ulaanbaatar in a Russian jeep and you’ll only need to put a hill or two between
yourself and the city before the vast steppes of cental Mongolia begin to unfold before
your eyes. Verdant swaths of empty landscapes are sprinkled with tiny gers stretching to
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