Evolution of Sleep

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Evolution of Sleep
Research during the past two decades has produced major advances in understanding sleep within particular species. Simultaneously, new analytical methods
provide the tools to investigate questions concerning the evolution of distinctive
sleep state characteristics and functions. This book synthesizes recent advances in
our understanding of the evolutionary origins of sleep and its adaptive function,
and it lays the groundwork for future evolutionary research by assessing sleep
patterns in the major animal lineages.
DR. PATRICK MCNAMARA is an Associate Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and Veterans Administration (VA) Boston Healthcare
System. He is based in the Department of Neurology at Boston University School
of Medicine. He is the director of the Evolutionary Neurobehavior Laboratory and
was awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to study the phylogeny
of sleep. Dr. McNamara is the recipient of a Veterans Affairs Merit Review Award
for the study of Parkinson’s disease and several NIH awards for the study of sleep
mechanisms. He is also the author of Mind and Variability: Mental Darwinism, Memory
and Self; An Evolutionary Psychology of Sleep and Dreams; and Nightmares: The Science and
Solution of Those Frightening Visions During Sleep.
DR. ROBERT A. BARTON is a Professor at Durham University and Director of the
Evolutionary Anthropology Research Group. He has published numerous papers
on the topic of brain evolution, and, in addition to an NIH-funded project on the
phylogeny of sleep, he has collaborated with Dr. Charles L. Nunn on the application of comparative methods to questions in mammalian biology and physiology.
DR. CHARLES L. NUNN is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. Dr. Nunn completed his Ph.D. at Duke University in
biological anthropology and anatomy, and he conducted postdoctoral research
on primate disease ecology at the University of Virginia and University of California Davis. He has had academic appointments in the United States (University
of California Berkeley) and Germany (The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary
Anthropology). He is an author of Infectious Diseases in Primates: Behavior, Ecology, and
Evolution, and his current research focuses on phylogenetic methods, disease ecology, and the evolution of primate behavior.

Evolution of Sleep
Edited by
Patrick McNamara
Boston University

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