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Handbook of Research
on Global Diffusion of
Broadband Data
Yogesh K. Dwivedi
Swansea University, UK
Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou
Brunel University, UK
Jyoti Choudrie
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Volume I

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Handbook of research on global diffusion of broadband data transmission / Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, and Jyoti
Choudrie, editors.
p. cm.
Summary: “This book explores broadband adoption and the digital divide through a global perspective, it provides research on constructs
such as relative advantage, utilitarian outcomes, hedonic outcomes, and service quality. From over 100 noted experts in nearly 30 countries,
decisions to adopt broadband”--Provided by publisher.
ISBN 978-1-59904-851-2 (hardcover) -- ISBN 978-1-59904-852-9 (e-book)
1. Internet users--Attitudes. 2. Digital divide. 3. Internet service providers. 4. Consumer behavior. 5. Broadband communication
systems. 6. Globalization--Social aspects. I. Dwivedi, Yogesh Kumar. II. Papazafeiropoulou, Anastasia. III. Choudrie, Jyoti.

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