Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry

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Medical knowledge is constantly
changing. As new information
becomes available, changes in
treatment, procedures, equipment
and the use of drugs become
necessary. The authors and the
publishers have, as far as it is
possible, taken care to ensure
that the information given in this
text is accurate and up to date.
However, readers are strongly
advised to confirm that the
i nformation, especially with
regard to drug usage, complies
with the latest legislation and
standards of practice.

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The clinical interface of orthodontics and paediatric dentistry is
broad. Increasingly, for the undergraduate, teaching and
examinations in these specialties are combined to promote a
holistic approach to dental care for the child and adolescent patient.
This concise colour guide aims, therefore, to cover major clinical
aspects of orthodontic and paediatric dental practice in a format
suitable for quick reference and revision purposes. It assumes a
good working knowledge and competence in history taking/clinical
examination as well as an understanding of the principles of
treatment planning for both disciplines. Space restrictions preclude
the inclusion of some topics which are ...